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Abhinav Nirman came into existence with a group of few social activists who have feeling of devotion towards serving for the mankind which at later stage came together and committed to make meaningful social change in society. The Secretary, President and two entire members have strived hard in shaping the structure of this organisation and contributed in the programmes and activities we have been conducting for our targeted beneficiaries. The organization has representation of individuals from the social development sector and Corporates. Mr. Abhishek Kumar Garg, the Secretary of Abhinav Nirman has more than 10 years working experience working with various INGO’s like World Health Organisation, EPOS-Health India, Geneva Global and UNICEF. Presently working as a Consultant-Child Protection Officer in District Child Protection Unit, Araria and he was able to perceive the larger picture and envisioned to integrate the issue of women and children.  Doing away with project mode and limited approach, she and the team developed an integrated approach.

The organisation was registered in August 2008 with the distinct goal to work towards mainstreaming disadvantaged children so that they can lead a life with dignity with no stigma attached. It was a shared objective of the organisation that the organization will be issue based, and not just project based. Abhinav Nirman has a strong belief that community participation would bring the desirable change in our society. Initially it was named as Friends of Street Children, later it was rechristened as Abhinav Nirman, which means realization, and creating Friends of Street Children became one of the objectives.

It is one of the objectives of this organization, to create consciousness among the people about the violation of rights of children. This consciousness leads to easy assimilation of children back into the mainstream society. It is envisioned that community would own the process and ensure their rights to them.  People’s involvement

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